Calibrated exactly to your requirements

That's right: If you want to calibrate precisely you have to take a comprehensive and step-by-step approach. Therefore, before we start calibration, we perform a verification to precisely set the instrument to zero then perform an adjustment. We move onto the final step: an exacting calibration of your device.

Other decisive factors for the calibration are the conditions of your environment, the duration time of use and handling of the measurement devices.

That’s how precisely CALTEC calibrates:

  • Calibration always includes verification and adjustment of the instrument
  • Optional: We can determine the actual values including repairs and maintenance
  • Consideration of the ambient conditions, duration time of use and handling
  • Consideration of the customers requirements, for example, the integration of the device in measuring chains
  • Determining the set values with nationally or internationally traceable calibration devices

  • Comparison of the set values with the actual measured values

  • Complete documentation of the certificates in the CALTEC data archive

Application scenarios and variable intervals

Anyone who wants to calibrate reliable measurements must take a lot of different factors into account. We know exactly what it takes to do this right.


Practical and in line with your needs

We will test your measurement technology under the physical parameters in which the devices will be used.



This is how much attention we devote to precision

The accuracy of your measurement technology is influenced by numerous factors. Thanks to our years of experience we know exactly what to look for.

Calibration intervals

What to look out for

The intervals for calibrating measurement technology vary. Our well-maintained databases allow us to determine those intervals with great accuracy. That saves you time and money.

You can download a decontamination declaration as a PDF file here.


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