Keeping tabs on the flow rate

When calibrating flowmeters, it is crucial to pay attention to precision from the outset. Therefore, we initially check the overall technical condition of your total device  – only if the measurement device is working reliably, do we proceed to the next step, calibration. This ensures you get accurate calibration results and reliable measuring technology suitable for long-term use in the application field of your choice.

The calibration of flowmeters is also dependent on where it is utilised and the associated external conditions. The intervals for calibration therefore vary accordingly.

The most important factors for the calibration of flowmeters:

  • Pre-test the functionality/technical conditions of measurement
  • Consideration of the scope (e.g. principal measurement range)
  • Consideration of situation-specific conditions (e.g. medium temperature)
  • Individual recalibration interval determination


This is how much attention we devote to precision

The accuracy of your measurement technology is influenced by numerous factors. Thanks to our years of experience we know exactly what to look for.

Calibration intervals

What to look out for

The intervals for calibrating measurement technology vary. Our well-maintained databases allow us to determine those intervals with great accuracy. That saves you time and money.

You can download a decontamination declaration as a PDF file here.


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