Sealing elements 
Standardised or as you wish: we deliver your exact requirements!
At this initial selection of sealing elements, we can show you just a few of many possibilities. We can also supply you with sealing elements that exactly fit your needs. Give us a call!
Single- or double-sided
Do you need cables that are manufactured exactly to your specification? We are here for you: Let us know your requirements and we will deliver cables made according to your needs. You can see three differently manufactured standard cables here.
Reliable connections
You can see an overview of our connections here. Our product range goes further: tell us your specific requirements and desires. We produce a plug that will fit your needs exactly.
Digital displays 
Digital pressure gauge for use in harsh environments
This linearising display with analogue output of the pressure values is used for testing with external pressure sensors.
Test pumps 
For testing, adjusting and calibrating all kinds of pressure gauges
Test pumps are used to generate pressure for the testing, adjusting and calibrating of mechanical and electronic pressure measuring instruments using comparative measurement. We have two different alternatives to offer you: our pneumatic and hydraulic test pump. We’d be delighted to advise you on which test pump is best suited to your requirements.
Durable protection to ensure a longer life for your measurement device
We want to meet your specific needs as precisely as possible. This includes suitcases that were specially made for your measurement device and make sure that your equipment is well-packed and always received. An investment that pays off: The life of your measurement device is extended, thus reducing your additional costs.

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