Adjusted to your requirement

With us, your measurement device is in the best of hands: By ensuring quality standards we standardised procedures for the highest quality. We regularly train our highly specialised representatives to make sure they can repair the latest products and thus ensure that we can maintain anything you send us. We also record the details of any repair comprehensively and in detail.

Transparent: the steps

  • Price: before we start the repair we inform you of the expected costs.
  • Incoming inspection: we inspect your unit, its technical condition and all its functions.
    If a failure occurs, we determine the cause of the failure using specific tests
    (failure analysis).
  • Collaborative troubleshooting: if necessary, we will develop measures for debugging together with you. For this we would be happy to work on-site with you.
  • Maintenance: we clean the unit and replace brittle cables or ball bearings.
  • Output control: we put your meter through its paces and ensure that your requirements and specifications have been met in full.
  • Returns: we ensure we return your meter to you in accordance with your specification (such as personal delivery, special delivery address or delivery at a suitable time, etc.)

Critical operating conditions

By taking the conditions under which your device operates into account, we ensure that your meter works flawlessly and reliably in the long-term. Ideally, the technical status of the measuring chain after the repair will be equivalent to that of a new device.


Comprehensive error analysis

To repair your measurement technology, we analyse not only the current state, but also the cause of failure – and give you recommendations for error/failure avoidance.


Regular care
for more efficiency

Preventive maintenance: proactive maintenance and cleaning extends the lifespan and service life of your meter and decreases the risk of error in measurement and testing. Our maintenance reminder service notifies you of the time until the next service.

Extensive documentation

Comprehensive repair protocol and
For each meter you get a detailed, transparent report including a calibration certificate. In case of warranty you get an 8D-Report according to internal quality standards, including recommendations for further action for improvement and proactive defect prevention.

You can download a decontamination declaration as a PDF file here.

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