How we precisely meet your needs

Completely functional, reliable and accurate: Only after we have achieved these three attributes, is the maintenance and repair of your flow sensor or measurement device completed on our premises. The benchmark we seek to achieve in maintaining your device is to restore it to its initial delivery state.

To achieve these objectives as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible early on, we monitor many variables, such as the technical condition of your measurement devices, the place of use, the input media used (liquids), the physical stresses of the operation and the duration of use.



Your benefits at a glance:

  • Testing of all components of your measurement chain (e.g. sensor, connectors, cables, adapters, electronics)
  • Consideration of the operating conditions (location, medium, physical impacts, operating time)
  • The main objective of the repair: complete and reliable functionality and precision
  • The top priority of maintenance: restore the initial delivery state
  • Following the inspection of the sensor, you get feedback on the technical condition of your device and a joint discussion of the failure cause if desired.
  • High level of punctuality and reliability
  • For time-critical repairs, we adjust the repair time (throughput) according to your specifications

You can download a decontamination declaration as a PDF file here.


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