Customised service

CALTEC is always thinking one step ahead of you. Our secondary services provide you with numerous additional service benefits. For example, we remind you when you need to schedule a recalibration, procure or deliver your instruments and archive your calibration certificate to ensure you have a seamless measurement history.

Our additional services include:

  • Calibration reminder service: We remind you early on that another calibration is due. This allows you to decide in your own time when and how your measuring equipment should be checked and adjusted.
  • Binding quotes: Always receive a binding, transparent and complete cost estimate with all the necessary services and operations.
  • Schedules we stick to: We plan our processing times according to your desired schedule and can therefore always keep our promises.
  • Collection and delivery service: If required, we will collect your measuring equipment and bring it back on time. Your advantages for you are the reliable prevention of damage in transit, detailed discussion of problems or damage, direct delivery to the user.
  • Calibration as found/as left: For your security and with your agreement, we determine a calibration curve before adjusting the pressure sensors and flow measuring devices. This allows us to better understand measurement errors that have already occurred.
  • Reliable error and failure analysis: If the measurement device provides faulty readings, we use sophisticated analysis techniques to find the cause. Until the cause has been found and the error is eliminated we will, if necessary, work with you to develop effective measures to avoid errors and downtime.
  • Archiving of your calibration certificates: We archive your certificates with no time limits. This means you can always have access to the complete measuring device history of your device. 

You can download a decontamination declaration as a PDF file here.


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